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Travel Images

What are Travel Images

Among the different subcategories of photography, travel photography happens to be the most unique subcategory. One of the reasons why it’s a unique subcategory is mainly because there are only a few limitations to the genre. It’s basically a genre that subjects the photographer to different tests, and this comes with several challenges. Travel photography involves capturing a wide range of travel images, and the aim is to capture a combination of underwater scenes, food, culture, street, portrait, landscape and a lot more.

The key thing to note about travel images is that they are aimed at capturing and sharing different moments take from different cultures, and geographical location. Travel photography is basically an alternate way of life which makes it an interesting field for photographers. There are several reasons why photographers capture travel images, and among these reasons include to inspire, educate, and tell a story. There’s so much to understand about travel images, and travel photography as a whole.

One key thing to note about travel images is that they go beyond portrait and landscape photos. Taking travel images involves documenting and capturing far places and place them in a frame to allow viewers to get a glimpse of the shots, and wish they were actually in the location where it was taken.

A good travel image needs to be beyond the regular slice that’s captured and placed on a rectangle. As mentioned earlier, it’s meant to convey emotion, and tell a story. Nowadays, travel images serve as a source of inspiration for many people. It’s a drive for people to actually see and experience the world.

Importance of Travel Images and Travel Photography

Travel images and travel photography are important in a lot of ways. First thing to note is that travel images help to bring the world closer to people, and also exposes them to what they should expect when they set out. It provides necessary education to people, and this is mostly with respect to different cultures, and how the respective cultures differ from each other.

The world is diverse, and there are so many beautiful things in different places, and not just the immediate environment that surrounds us. Bring nature’s diversity and majesty through travel images is a way of inspiring and promoting diversity of the planet. Through these travel images, people are inspired to see the great outdoors, and also explore what’s outside.

Photography Gear to Help in Capturing Stunning Travel Images

Every photographer needs to have the right equipment to help them capture the best images, and this also applies to capturing travel images. The equipment you use in capturing travel images plays a vital role in how the images will turn out, as well as the overall experience that you get from travel photography. It is worth mentioning that unlike other photography categories, there are several considerations that must be made in travel photography before you start capturing travel images.

As a traveler, the items, and gears you carry along with you solely depends on the type of trip. However, a quality of a good travel photographer is being reactive, regardless of the situation. This implies being in the right place at the right time to avoid missing golden opportunities. The best way to be reactive is by ensuring that you have all the equipment you need at hand.

Are you wondering the equipment you’ll need for travel photography to help you take the best travel images? Here’s what you need:

Access Bag

The first thing that you’ll need to take along with you is a bag that will contain all your gear, and also let you access them easily, especially when the opportunity to take an awesome picture present itself. You need to be able to remove your camera and other accessories from the bag at a fast rate. When getting an access bag, it’s best to go for one that can be undone in a single zip to give you easy access to the camera body and lens. You can also opt for hybrid camera bags if you’re going on a long voyage.

Travel Tripod

When setting out to take travel images, the need to ensure that you only go with lightweight gear cannot be overemphasized. Travel photography requires the use of smaller tripod which is easy to carry, and still promotes camera stability when you take travel images.

Lens Choice

The lens you use also plays a crucial role in determining how well the travel image will come out. Even though you can handle multiple situations with different lenses, it’s best not to go overboard and travel with so many lenses. For travel images, you only need to go with three lenses for longer trips, and four lenses for short trips.

An ultra-wide angle lens is a really handy tool if you intend to mainly take landscape travel images. Another type of lens that’s a useful tool is the standard zoom lens. These are the key lenses you need to take great travel images.

The Popularity of Travel Images in Daily Life

The introduction of travel photography dates back as far back as the development of photography itself, and this was a major milestone in the photography industry. During the earlier days, only rich people could afford to travel , but with the evolution of the transport industry has made things a lot easier and people can now afford to travel using cheaper means. From railways to airplanes, to roads, traveling has diversified over the past few years. With this advancement, people started exploring travel photography by traveling to different places and taking stunning travel images. It is worth mentioning that as of then their main intention was to share their travel experience with their loved ones.

The advent of travel photography changed the dynamics of photography and tourism a lot. You’ll hear most people today say that tourism created an impulse for photography, and the growth of photography also had a significant role to play. Different travel photography expeditions have been embarked on in the past and one of the earliest was by Gustave Flaubert, and Maxime du Camp. Their expedition led them to the Middle East and North Africa where they took really awesome travel images backed with interesting stories.

In 1888, travel photography achieved a major milestone following the release of the point in shoot camera by George Eastman who is the founder of Kodak. However, the quality of this camera was low, but the camera was readily available for amateurs and beginners. Ten years after the release of this camera, the Kodak Brownie was then released, and today, there are different cameras that people now widely use for capturing travel images.